Angle Grinder Paddle vs Slide Switch

Angle Grinder Paddle vs Slide Switch – A Complete Comparison

Working with a strong electrical tool like angle grinders necessitates extreme caution. Aside from safety reasons and considerations, professional grinders and welders discuss the switch type. So, which is safer and handier for you: Angle Grinder Paddle Switch or Slide Switch?

In this blog, we will go through the main differences between the Paddle Switch and the Slide Switch, and we’ll also discuss their uses and help you decide which one is better for you. Let’s get started with Angle Grinder Paddle vs Slide Switch.

What is a Paddle Switch?

angle grinder paddle vs slide switch

A paddle switch is a simple switch that uses the angle of the grinder wheel to activate the power. A paddle switch is a manual switch located on the grinder handle. When you hold the switch, it can be turned on. And when you let go of the switch, the grinder will stop running.

What is a Slide Switch?

angle grinder paddle vs slide switch

A slide switch is located at the grinder’s head, and it’s operated by sliding the switch to the side. When you do this, power will be cut off from both sides of the angle grinder, front and back wheels. This type of switch style requires less manual interaction than paddle switches since you don’t have to hold down any buttons or handlebars when turning them off.

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Angle Grinder Paddle vs Slide Switch: Differences

When we take into consideration, there are countless differences between an angle grinder paddle switch and a slide switch, and below you can look at the main differences between the 2 switches.

Man Power

The angle grinder paddle switch is a manual switch located on the nice grinder handle, and it can be operated with one hand making it easy to use. This type of switch is popular for angle grinders because they are easy to operate with one hand.

The slide grinder switch is an angle grinder switch that requires more manual interaction because it can’t be operated with one hand. This makes the angle grinder paddle switch a popular choice for angle grinders, also slide switches are more expensive than other paddle switch types.

Size of Power Cord

Paddle Switch: Angle Grinder Power Cord Length and Type: 9-ft (3 m) / 120 -Volt / 15-amp slide switch power cord: 10 ft. (3 m)

Slide Switch: Angle Grinder power cord Length: 6.5 ft. (2 m). Slide grinder uses the same type of power cord as paddle switch, but the slide grinder’s power cable is slightly longer and has a different plug at the end than angle grinders’ cables.


The paddle switch power cord is the fastest of all the angle grinders. It can reach a speed of 3,000 rpm (revolutions per minute), and it’s suitable for grinding metals with high hardness. The slide switch grinder power cable is the slowest at 1,200 rpm (revolutions per minute).

Energy Usage

The paddle switch power cable is the most energy-efficient angle grinder. It uses less than 10 watts (watts = volts x amps). The slide switch power cable takes up more space, and it’s not the most energy-efficient angle grinder power cable. It uses about the same power as a switch paddle, but it takes more space and is heavier than the paddle switch angle grinder’s cord.

Which Switch is more Convenient?

The paddle switch power cord is the more convenient of the two. It’s easy to use and can be operated with one hand.

The slide switch power cable is less convenient because it requires more manual interaction, you need to slide the switch to the side to switch the angle grinder power on and off.

Angle Grinder Paddle Vs. Slide Switch: Safety Issues

The angle grinder paddle and the slide switch power cord have different safety features.

  • The paddle switch power cord has a safety feature called a “fuse.” If the power cable is damaged, it will automatically shut off the angle grinder. This is good for protecting your equipment from being destroyed by an accidental electrical shock.
  • The slide switch power cable doesn’t have any safety feature. If you damage the power cable and it touches anything metallic like another piece of equipment, then there’s no protection at all. This means that if you drop or knock over an object on top of it, the power cable can be damaged and will not protect your angle grinder.

Which Angle Grinder Switch is more Durable?

  • The paddle is, also known as the trigger switch power cord, and is one of the most durable angle grinder. It’s made with high-quality materials, and it has a good build quality.
  • The slide switch power cable is the least durable of all the angle grinders. It’s made with lower-quality materials, and it has poor build quality.

Which Angle Grinder Switch is the Best?

This depends on your preference. For example, if you want to save time, go with the paddle switch power cable because it’s easier and more convenient than slide switching. On the other hand, if you want the most durable angle grinder power cable, then go with the slide switch power cable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better: powered by mains or battery-powered?

Powered by mains is the best option because it’s more reliable and easier to use. A battery-powered angle grinder power cable is convenient as well because it’s easy to use, and you can charge the battery with a mains adapter.

What size angle grinder power cable should I buy?

The angle grinder power cable length is the most important factor when choosing an angle grinder. It depends on your application and how long you need it.

In general, a longer power cord will be more convenient because it allows you to work with more comprehensive, versatile tools without having to move around or bend down. However,.If you’re buying an angle grinder power cable for a small tool, then buy the shortest one that will work well with that power tool. For example, if you need to use a cordless drill as your angle grinder’s power source, then get the most miniature mains-powered cordless angle grinder power cable that is long enough to reach the drill.


If you have a corded angle grinder, the paddle switch is better. If you have a cordless angle grinder, the slide switch is better. However, it’s up to you which one you prefer. You can also use both and see which one works best for your needs. We hope you found this article useful.

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