Angle Grinder Uses

12 Angle Grinder Uses You Should Know!

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool that can be used for grinding, cutting, and polishing metal. This blog post will discuss the 12 most common Angle Grinder Uses. We will also provide tips on how to use angle grinder wheels safely.

Angle Grinders Uses

angle grinder uses

1. Cutting Tile

Tile cutters use an angle grinder’s rotating disc to break up large tiles into smaller ones. It can also be used for making custom cuts to ceramic Tiles based on your preference. Plumbers and electricians often use the tool, but it can also be utilized in home remodeling projects if you want to save on tiles.

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2. Cutting Metal

Angle grinders with a metal cutting disc are used for cutting metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum. In addition to cutting metal pipes and bars, it can also be used to cut bolts of any kind out of the way or remove welds from existing structures. You can also use it to cut holes in metal sheets that are too big for a jigsaw or rotary saw.

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3. Cutting Masonry

Masonry blades designed for angle grinders can be used for cutting through bricks, cement blocks, asphalt, and other types of masonry material. These are also useful for removing grout from wet tile and smoothing out cement surfaces poured.

4. Sanding Wood

An angle grinder with a sanding disc can be used to smooth over wood surfaces, usually on ones that have been treated with some sort of coating or sealant. It is often used for removing Paint from wooden fixtures and furniture, but it can also be used to remove the excess sealant from a floor after it has been finished or smooth down a peeling door.

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5. Sanding Metal

A metal grinding wheel’s disc is often used to sand down rough surfaces of metals such as steel, aluminum, and other types of sheet metal. While this can be done with other tools, an angle grinder is usually faster and more effective.

6. Removing Paint

Removing Paint from a surface can be done by using a grinder with an abrasive disc blade, as it will grind down the Paint until you reveal the bare Metal or wood underneath it. This method is not recommended for lead-based paints as it is dangerous.

7. Grinding Metal

An angle grinder is used to remove metal faster than other tools like bench grinders, bench sanders, and chop saws. It can also allow you to make more accurate cuts since it’s easier to control than an electric or gas-powered cutting saw.

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8. Grinding Wood

An angle grinder with a wood grinding flap disc can be used to grind down rough surfaces of wood, usually prefabricated boards that have been treated with Paint or other finishes. This can also be used for smoothing out wooden pieces that are still in their raw, natural state.

9. Cutting Concrete

An angle grinder can cut through concrete, flammable materials, excess material, a softer material, and masonry materials, such as blocks and bricks. This is the best way to cut through large surfaces that cannot be done with a circular saw or jigsaw. It is also one of the most efficient ways to do it since it only requires you to apply straight lines on where you want the cuts to be made.

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10. Cutting Out Holes

An angle grinder can cut out small holes in flat surfaces such as floors and walls when you need to run cables or wire through them. You simply plug a hole into where you want the opening, then use a circular saw or an angle grinder to make a hole, then run your cables, metal wires, or electrical wires through it.

11. Shaping Wood

Using the grinder’s sanding disc with a fast speed can shape wood into curves and forms, which cannot be done with regular saws. This would only work for woods that are still in their raw, natural state and do not have any paint or other finishes on them.

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12. Sharpening Blades

A slow speed can be used with a metal grinding flap disc to sharpen down the blades of saws and knives. However, this is not recommended for powerful tools that have motors since it might ruin your motor if the tool gets clogged up in debris.

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Angle Grinder Sizes for Different Uses

The angle grinder is essential in many jobs inside our home. There are different sizes and types of angle grinders, each for a specific task. Following are the most common angle grinder sizes.

4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder – The 4 1/2″ Angle grinder was developed to cut Concrete and Masonry. It features a 4-1/2″ diameter disc, which spins at 3600 pm. They are available in both corded and cordless models.

5 Inch Angle Grinder – The 5″ model is used for heavy-duty grinding and cutting on steel, brick, Concrete, and Masonry. It features a 5″ diameter disc that spins at 4500 rpm.

6 Inch Angle Grinder – The 6″ model is the professional heavy-duty angle grinder used for cutting or grinding on steel, brick, Concrete, and Masonry. It features a 6″ diameter disc that spins at 3500 rpm.

7-1/4 Inch Angle Grinder – The 7 1/4″ Angle grinder is the largest, most powerful angle grinder sold by Bosch. It features a 7-1/4″ diameter disc that spins at 4500 rpm. It has a maximum output of 12 amps and 3800 watts to power cable through tough jobs.

9 Inch Angle Grinder – The 9″ model is designed for heavy-duty production work. It features a 9″ diameter disc that spins at 5000 rpm. The extra-large size allows for higher power cord output and bigger jobs.

2 Inch Angle Grinder – The 2″ model is an extremely powerful, high amp angle grinder designed to cut steel, stainless steel, or any other metal up to 1/4″ thick. It features a 2″ diameter disc that spins at 3500 rpm.

1/4 Inch Angle Grinder – The 1/4″ grinder is designed to cut materials such as Metal, bolts, screws, outlets, and appliances made of Metal. It features a 1/4″ diameter disc that spins at 8000 rpm.

Angle Grinder Uses: Summary

Angle Grinder is a useful tool that can be used to do many things. Here are some examples of the things it can do.

  • First of all, you can use an Angle Grinder to Grind Metal if something needs grinding down, too hard or thick for any other Gadget to Grind.
  • Secondly, you can cut things with the Angle Grinder by using it in a way that will allow it to cut almost anything, even things made of Wood or Plastic.
  • Thirdly, you can use the Angle Grinder as a kind of Shaping Tool for shaping Steel, Wood, Concrete, sharp edges and other things into shapes that you want.

You can use an Angle Grinder to sharpen Lawnmower Blades and Scissors by using it in a very specific way. This is another thing that the Angle Grinder can do.

It is not recommended that people under 18 Use an Angle Grinder blade due to safety precautions.

Simply wear a face shield or safety glasses, as well as other appropriate PPE, to keep yourself safe while working.


We discussed 12 Angle Grinder Uses, but there are many more. Hope this blog helped you in learning the basic uses of an angle grinder with safety. Thanks for reading, and happy grinding.

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