angle grinder vs dremel

Angle Grinder vs Dremel – Which One Works Best?

When it comes to outdoor power tools, the debate about the best one for cutting, sanding, and grinding is endless. We have all seen at least one YouTube video where the experts discuss which machine is more appropriate for a particular task.

However, in this article here, we are going to compare the two powerful tools: Angle Grinder vs Dremel. You will see here, each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses that you may want to consider before making your choice.

What is an Angle Grinder?

An Angle Grinder is used in many applications to grind different types of materials, moving at speeds ranging from 1meter/second up to 3km per hour. It comes with various features that make its application very specific and practical.

angle grinder vs dremel

What is a Dremel?

A Dremel works in a similar way as an angle grinder. They both use rotary motions to cut and grind materials, but unlike the latter, it offers twist-action instead of rotating motion meaning that less strain is put on your wrist when working with this type of tool, making them easier for delicate two-handed operation such as any kind of fine work involving small bits.

angle grinder vs dremel

Angle Grinder vs Dremel: What are the Differences?

There are numerous differences between Dremel and an Angle Grinder. Some of them are pretty obvious, but there might be some other differences that you may not have expected. The two tools use different materials for their grinding abrasive wheel (aluminum vs. steel); however, the rpm range is similar as every type of model from both brands offers speeds ranging from 1-3k RPM.

The major difference here comes down to the functionality, which can’t be ignored. When purchasing either type of tool, you need to take into account that both offer the same basic options but differ greatly in terms of finish and their output. This is where most buyers tend to go wrong when they buy, assuming one works better than another. Which tool will really suit your needs? The following points are significant differences for Angle Grinder vs Dremel.


The angle grinder is a more versatile tool for heavy cutting jobs like grinding concrete blocks or bricks without any sort of need to worry about its sharpening capacity; however, if you are looking for something that can be used in woodworking and metal cutting, then Dremel is the right tool for you.


Dremel rotary tools do not have many accessories compared to the number of attachments available in angle grinders which can be used to cut saw blades, abrasive disc, or cutting tools for wood materials.

Dremel accessories are compact and easy to handle, so it is not hard at all to choose them from the angle grinder vs dremel universal tool comparison table.

Finishing (Honing)

A Dremel has a wide range from which it can manage to hone your sharpening jobs to a perfect finish. The tool offers 3 different finishes (fine, medium, and coarse).

An angle grinder has only one finishing option, coarse grinding, which is sufficient for most of the cutting applications but can be improved with finer polishing surfaces if needed.

Power Source

Both angle grinders and the Dremel rotary tool are powerful tools that can be used with 12 to 16 volts DC batteries. They both have similar battery life depending on how much work you need them to do, thus making them suitable for heavy-duty applications as well as hobby projects.

The high speed of a Dremel rotary tool allows you to cut through wood materials quicker than an angle grinder since it can cut through wood materials with ease. However, the angle grinder is more versatile for cutting metal accessories like saw diamond blade or grinding concrete blocks and bricks.

Speed Control

Dremel rotary tools offer variable speed control from 0 to 1,000 rpm, whereas angle grinders have a maximum speed of 20,000 rpm (or, in some cases 30 000 rpm).

In both of these tools, here could be those which have variable speed powerful motor, but both types offer you a great range of speeds to choose from depending on what kind of work you need to do.

Workpiece Cleaning/Lubrication

It is obvious that the angle grinder can do a better job when it comes to sharpening your tools since they are not made of metal. However, if we look at Dremel’s work-horse model 5040, which has been widely used for years in woodworking projects and metal blade cutting departments, then one thing becomes clear, it does a great job at cleaning and lubricating your workpieces. In fact, it has a high-speed rotary powerful tool that offers you the ability to polish wood materials as well as metal accessories with ease.

Have a glance at our guide on the best Dewalt angle grinders, click to read.


Which one works best for angle grinder vs dremel?

An angle grinder is more versatile and can be used to cut concrete blocks as well as grind bricks, while Dremel will work on metal accessories and cut through wood materials. Angle grinders are power tools that have high-speed rotary tools for cutting fibrous materials like cloths or softwoods, whereas dremels are power tools with a high-speed motor that can be used to cut pieces of metal such as replacement blades and grinding concrete blocks.

What things to consider before buying angle grinder or dremel?

Angle Grinder is a handheld power tool that can be used to cut wood and metal materials and grind concrete blocks, whereas Dremel rotary tool is more versatile as it has a high-speed motor (1 000 rpm) for grinding plastics, metals like saw diamond blade or slicing through sanding cutting discs.

Which one is better for precision, angle grinder or dremel?

Dremel accessories are compact and easy to handle, so it does not matter which power handy tool you use because both of them will work well in the same way, but Dremel accessories are high-speed rotary specialty tools that can cut metals and grind materials like saw blade guard.


Both Angle Grinders vs Dremel is high-speed rotary powerful tool. It is important to consider the purpose of the power tools before buying them. Hope this article helped you learn key differences between Angle Grinder and Dremel.

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