Angle Grinder vs Jigsaw

Angle Grinder vs Jigsaw: Which One To Choose?

Let’s try and answer the question that comes to our mind while cutting wood, Which is better, angle grinder vs jigsaw? While both are known for their ability to give you an edge when it comes to cutting through stubborn wooden materials, there is a big difference between the two. So, which one should you pick and why? Check out what the experts have to say on the subject in this article.

What is Angle Grinder?

angle grinder

An angle grinder is an electrical tool with a cutting abrasive wheel mounted on the end of an angle grinder shaft. As it cuts wood, metal, tile, and more at high speeds depending on the unit used, this tool comes in very handy when cutting through hard-to-reach places that cannot be accessed by other versatile tools such as jigsaws or circular saws.

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What is Jigsaw?

angle grinder vs jigsaw

A jigsaw is a cutting tool that cuts wood in an angle grinder-like manner and features circular saw teeth. It also has approximately 70% of the power that you can get from an angular grinder, making it easier to cut through harder objects.

Differences Between Angle Grinder and Jigsaw

  1. Angle grinders and jigsaws differ in the cutting angle and power. Angle grinder cuts horizontally at about 45 degrees, whereas jigsaws cut vertically, cutting wood parallel to the saw blade’s circular cutting path.
  2. Jigsaw blades are straight, which is a must that they do not make contact or pass over each other when the tool is used, while angle grinder patterns can be complicated though it mainly depends on how long you have installed before deciding on a grinder.
  3. Angle grinder saw blades are circular cutting angles, and jigsaw saw blades cut straight through the piece of wood evenly, cutting all sides at 90-degree angles.
  4. Another difference is power. While the angle grinder uses high speeds to cut through materials with limited clearance, jigsaws can be blade-driven or line grinding handheld power tools with slower cutting but the same heavy-duty work performance as an angle grinder powerful motor, which accounts for this more appliers in the trade grinder businesses.

Angle Grinder vs Jigsaw: Cutting Wood

angle grinder vs jigsaw

Some circular saws are rotary tools that are better than others for cutting wood. For example, suppose power is limited, and you must cut wood straight through without averaging the angle of your blade anymore.

In that case, an angle grinder could be easier to use because it runs with its cutting angles parallel to the side that has kept the material steady already available.

Using circular saw blades at right angles will ensure you can complete a straight line cutting action. With circular saws, an abrasive disc or toothed disc angle grinder discs can be more dangerous to use because cutting angles tend to wobble the tool, and someone could easily move in the line of sight while using it. For example, a jigsaw saw cuts straight through wood less so than angle grinder metal blade cutting, which makes them cut much faster.

Angle Grinder vs Jigsaw: Which is Better for Cutting Through Tough Materials?

tough material cutting
  • A jigsaw cuts straight through woodcutting at 90 degrees, while angle grinder saw blades cut circular cutting angles, and it is known to be the tool of choice for cutting metal surfaces.
  • The angle grinder blade won’t create gels or spurs when pushing up against the material’s surface, so it can be used directly in putty knife position, though not recommended because you could cut right through a material instead of grinding into it.
  •  As angle grinder blade cutting miter cuts circular cutting angles, you will be able to grind your metal in a straight line across it rather than just sawing and sagging at jigsaw corner.

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Angle Grinder vs Jigsaw: Pros & Cons

  • Angle grinder cuts straight through tough materials.
  • Angle grinder runs with cutting angles parallel to the side, keeping the material steady.
  • An angle grinder can be more dangerous to use near edges of materials.
  • An angle grinder can create spurs and gels when cutting through tough materials.
  • An angle grinder is more expensive than a jigsaw.
  • Angle grinder takes longer to complete a given cut than a jigsaw.
  • An angle grinder is not recommended for abrasive cutting through soft materials.
  • Angle grinder blade cutting cuts circular cutting angles instead of sawing and sagging like a jigsaw.


What are the cutting angles of an angle grinder?

The angle grinder blade cuts circular cutting angles and can be used to grind metal in a straight line across it rather than sawing and sagging at jigsaw corners which is hard work.

What are the dangers of using an angle grinder?

The angle grinder can be dangerous to use near sharp edges of the excess material as it can create spurs and gels. Additionally, the angle grinder is more expensive than a jigsaw saw, takes longer to complete a given cut than a jigsaw, and is not recommended for cutting through soft materials.

Is there anything an angle grinder can’t cut?

An angle grinder can’t cut through metal like a jigsaw, so a jigsaw saw is the better option if you need to cut metal.


If you are thinking of buying an angle grinder or a jigsaw, it is essential to know their differences. Both tools have different features and benefits. So, which one should you choose? I hope this blog has answered most of your questions regarding angle grinder vs jigsaw.

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