how to cut a cast iron pipe

How To Cut a Cast Iron Pipe with an Angle Grinder?

Cast iron pipe cutting can be a daunting task. It’s one of those jobs that tend to be simple, but if you’re not familiar with the process, it can quickly become overwhelming.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of how to cut a cast iron pipe with an angle grinder. Let’s get started!

Steps for Cutting a Pipe with an Angle Grinder

how to cut a cast iron pipe
  1. Select a High-Quality Cutting Disc: A high-quality diamond blade of an Angle grinder disc is an optimum choice to utilize when working with robust metal pipes, such as cast iron pipes because the force will be more significant.
  2. Mark the Cuts: The first thing you want to do is mark where your pipe cut will be. Make sure that you stand on the opposite side of the pipe from the angle grinder.
  3. Place your Piping: Place your power tools over the piping and use it to mark where the cut should be made on your pipe. Use a marker or pen to mark directly on the surface of your pipe segments so that you will know exactly how far to guide your cut with the angle grinder.
  4. Disconnect Spark Plug: Always disconnect the spark plug wire from your angle grinder to prevent any accidental starts during this process. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that the wire could get nicked and cause a spark that would ignite nearby gas.
  5. Set up your Workstation: Once you have disconnected your spark plug from your angle grinder, it’s time to set up your workstation and correct tool. This might involve clearing off a welder’s workbench or some other suitable large table if you own a shop. If you don’t own a workbench, you can always find a large flat surface to work with, such as the top of a table or picnic bench.
  6. Always Wear Protective Equipment: Eye protection and goggles, ear protection, face shields, gloves, an apron, and optional respiratory protection equipment should all be included in your personal protection equipment.
  7. Have Patience: The angle grinder will generate a lot of heat from the friction when it is cutting through cast iron. It may make you feel impatient to see your cut progressing slowly; however, make sure to take enough time. It’s better to go slow and safe than fast and unsafe.

Which is the Best Way to Cut Cast Iron Pipe?

how to cut a cast iron pipe

The best way to cut cast iron pipework is by using a heavy-duty cast iron saw explicitly made for this task or a reciprocating cast iron saw. The safest approach is to ensure cast iron saw is not vertically in place or beneath a home in a confined location.

However, in an angle grinder, the risk of the cast iron pipe colliding with the grinding blade is too considerable, and the sparks created by the grinding tool can also be a concern.

The majority of the time, the troublesome part of cast iron pipework that demands your immediate care happens to be beneath your house or in a hole you’ve reluctantly dug up. If you happen to be staring at a segment of cast iron pipe that protrudes from open ceiling space or is erected vertically from the ground, simply have it cut efficiently.

Can I Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Cast Iron Pipe?

how to cut a cast iron pipe

Yes, you can use an angle grinder to cut cast iron pipes. However, you should know that it is not recommended due to the risks associated with the cutting process.

The heat generated during this task can cause serious injury if your skin comes into contact with the piping while it’s being cut. While using an angle grinder might be the quickest way to cut a piece of cast iron pipe, it’s not recommended and is potentially dangerous. If you choose to use an angle grinder, ensure that you follow all safety precautions and wear the proper protective gear.

How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe in a Tight Space?

how to cut a cast iron pipe

Cast iron pipe, once installed correctly will last the life of the building. It’s not easily replaced or modified without special tools. However, there is a way to cut and reduce cast iron pipe in a tight space without making it almost useless.

Before you start, if you have a cast-iron pipe that you need to cut down in size, it’s best not to do it while the pipes are still installed. If you have a buried line, rest assured that there isn’t going to be water coming through it if you make an accidental mistake like puncturing through the lining of the piping with your saw.


•Two hacksaw blades. The blade length should be about the same as the circumference of the PVC pipe.

•A hacksaw frame that can fit two blades at once.

•Tape measure or ruler to measure your cut progress. You want to be within 1/16″ of an exact cut for best results.

•A wrench, preferably an adjustable wrench for this task, to undo the nuts holding the pipe together. You may also need a screwdriver to adjust the width of your hacksaw frame if it’s too large for your pipe.


  • To cut the cast iron pipe in tight spaces, first indicate the line you wish to cut using chalk on the pipe.
  • Then wrap a hacksaw blade around the pipe corrosion and over the line.
  • Then, apply pressure to the hacksaw handle to cut through the pipe once the chain is in place.
  • This is a cutting method that is performed by many professionals.


Cast iron pipe can be a complex material to cut, but it can be done with the right tools and knowledge. We’ve outlined the steps you need to take in order to cut cast iron pipe using an angle grinder safely and effectively. Hope the blog helped you. Happy cutting!

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