how to cut rebar with angle grinder

How to Cut Rebar with Angle Grinder – Easy Steps

It might not be the most exciting thing to do, but rebar cutting is undoubtedly an important area. Rebar cutting is a task that you should know how to do because, in many instances, it is vital and crucial. However, it isn’t always easy to master this skill immediately, so ensure you do all of your research first. Utilizing the right tool also plays an important role in cutting Rebar safely. Here is a guide that shows you how to cut Rebar with Angle Grinder.

What is Rebar?

how to cut rebar with angle grinder

Rebar is a type of metal that is used in construction. It is composed of a number of wires that are twisted together to create a strong structure. Rebar is used primarily in concrete, but it can also be found in other types of construction. It is often used in bridge construction, tower construction, and different types of heavy construction.

How to Cut Rebar with Angle Grinder?

The cutting angle of rebar cutters is the key to cutting metal Rebar with an angle grinder. If the cutting blade on your rebar cutter has a dull or blunt sharp edge, then it won’t cut as cleanly and will likely result in damaged cutters, powerful tool accessories, angle grinder tool cases, etc. Follow these steps to cut Rebar with an Angle Grinder:

Step:1 With the angle grinder set to the correct cutting depth, secure the workpiece with the vise grips.

Step:2 Make sure the safety guard is down and the blade is in the off position.

Step:3 Climb onto the workbench and hold the workpiece against the abrasive metal blade while turning the handle to rotate it.

Step:4 Keep your hand close to the workpiece to maintain control and prevent it from flying off.

Step:5 When the cut is complete, disengage the vise grips and remove the blade.

Step:6 Clean the angle grinder and reattach the blade guard.

Why to use an Angle Grinder for Rebar cutting?

An Angle Grinder is a great tool for cutting Rebar as it has the ability to quickly and easily cut through the metal. This is useful for a number of reasons, including the fact that Rebar is often difficult to cut with other versatile tools. Additionally, pieces of Rebar can become jammed in other tools, which can be dangerous and average time-consuming to remove.

Perfect Angle Grinder also has the ability to quickly and easily shape Rebar into the desired shape. This is useful for a number of applications, including in bridge construction, where Rebar is used to reinforcing the concrete.

How to Cut Rebar with Angle Grinder: Pros & Cons

If you are in need of a cutting rebar, then an angle grinder is the perfect tool for the job. Here are some of the pros and cons of using an angle grinder to cut Rebar:


  • It is a fast and efficient way to cut the Rebar.
  • The angle grinder creates a smooth cut, so there is minimal collateral damage.
  • Rebar is easy to handle and transport, making it a perfect tool for on-site repairs and construction.
  • The angle grinder is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for tight spaces.


  • Angle grinders can cause serious injury if not used properly.
  • They can also cause damage to nearby objects, such as windows or doors.
  • They are difficult to use and require a lot of practice to get good at.
  • They are also noisy, so they may not be conducive to working in a quiet environment.

How to Use an Angle Grinder Safely?

how to cut rebar with angle grinder

Angle Grinder is a handheld tool for homeowners and professionals. Here is a guide on how to use an angle grinder the right way.

  1. Always use a dust mask when using an angle grinder. This will protect your lungs and eyes from harmful particles and debris.
  2. Always wear safety feature goggles and a dust mask when grinding metals and other variety of materials.
  3. When grinding, use long, slow strokes to prevent the blade from slipping and causing injury.
  4. Be sure to lubricate the blade regularly with light oil or WD-40 to help prevent rust and wear.
  5. Keep a bucket of water nearby in case of overheating.
  6. Dispose of the waste properly by either disposing in a designated container or by taking it to a hazardous waste site.


Can an angle grinder be used as a cut-off tool?

No, an angle grinder is not meant to be used as a cut-off tool. It’s best to use it for cutting Rebar and other metals that aren’t too difficult to cut with a regular power saw or masonry sharp blade.

What type of wire should I use when using an angle grinder?

Use a 6mm double insulated copper cable for all rebar cutting applications. The insulation prevents the melting of the wire and ensures that you don’t get hot sparks.

Do I need to wear safety glasses when using an angle grinder?

Yes, it’s recommended that you always use safety goggles or face shields while working with any power tool, but especially in a cutting environment like Rebar. Since there is so much metal flying around during rebar cutting, it can be very dangerous without proper protection, such as these guards.

How to cut Rebar sticking out of concrete?

A high-performance angle grinder with a fresh diamond carbide blade is required to cut Rebar protruding out of concrete. Furthermore, you must carefully measure the cutting area to avoid disturbing pipes, electrical cables, or other items within the wall. For example, a wet cutter can be rented or purchased to complete these difficult tasks if everything else fails. And regardless of which tool you use, always use proper safety equipment to avoid injuries or any health hazards.


A rebar is a form of concrete that is used in the construction industry. Angle grinders are a great tool for cutting metal and can be used to cut the Rebar. Reading this blog post, you can learn how to cut rebar with angle grinder.

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