cut tile with angle grinder

How to Cut Tile with Angle Grinder – Complete Guide

Most people think that cutting tile is a dangerous and challenging task, but it can be easy and safe with the right specialty tools and safety precautions. With a grinder, you can quickly and easily cut through the tile of any thickness. In this blog, we’ll show you how to cut tile with angle grinder, as well as offer some tips on staying safe while cutting tile with a grinder. So read on to learn more.

Required Tools for Cutting Tile with an Angle Grinder

  1. Clamps
  2. Tape
  3. Pencil or Marker
  4. Grinder
  5. Safety Goggles
  6. Dust Mask
  7. Other Protective Gear as Needed

How to Cut Tile with Angle Grinder?

An Angle Grinder can be used easily to cut ceramic or natural stone tile with just a few simple steps:

Step 1. Secure The Tiles

Before you start cutting, it’s essential to ensure that the tiles are securely fastened to the work surface. This will help to prevent them from slipping and getting in the way while you’re cutting. You can use clamps, tape, or any other method to secure them.

Step 2. Set The Depth

The depth of the cut will determine how clean the finished edge is. To set the depth, adjust the angle of the grinder wheel. For a clean edge, aim to make the cut just a bit deeper than the thickness of the tile.

Step 3. Mark The Tiles

With a pencil or marker, mark the lines you want to cut on the tiles. This will help you to stay focused and ensure that you’re making accurate cuts.

cut tile with angle grinder

Step 4. Cut The Tiles

Once you’ve marked the lines, it’s time to start cutting marks. Hold the grinder firmly and slowly move it along the line, applying pressure to the wheel. Keep the grinder moving at all times to avoid getting burned.

cut tile with angle grinder

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 How to Cut Tile With Angle Grinder: Safety Tips

Following are essential safety precautions to be observed while cutting tile with an angle grinder.

  1. Wear safety glasses when cutting tile for eye protection. This will help to protect your eyes from any flying debris.
  2. Wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in any of the tile dust.
  3. Also, don’t forget to use ear protection for noise reduction and hearing protection.
  4. Make sure the work tile surface is clean and clear of other sharp objects before you start cutting process. This will help to prevent accidents.
  5. Keep bystanders away from the work area while you’re cutting. Tile shards can be dangerous if they fly off the diamond blade.
  6. Make sure the tile is secure before starting to cut it.
  7. Avoid prolonged contact with the tile.
  8. Don’t try to cut too thick of a tile at once.
  9. Clean up any debris or shards of tile piece after the cutting process.

By following these tips, you can safely cut ceramic tile with a grinder. Be sure always to wear proper safety equipment like goggles and take precautions to keep the ceramic tile secure. And remember to clean up any debris or shards of pieces of tile after cutting. Enjoy your new, perfectly cut piece of tile.

Benefits of Cutting Tile with an Angle Grinder

Some of the benefits of using angle grinder tool to cut tiles are as follows.

  • Easily cut through tiles of any thickness.
  • It can be used to make straight or curved cuts.
  • Cuts are clean and accurate.
  • No need for a special handheld power tool or equipment.
  • Tile dust is minimal.
  • Small and easy to store.
  • Affordable price tag.

Cut Tile with Angle Grinder: Different Shaped Cutouts

When it comes to cutting tiles, you can use an angle grinder to cut them into different shaped cutouts. For example, you can cut a circular hole in a tile or make a V-shaped notch. To do this, you’ll need to adjust the angle of the grinder wheel and use different techniques to make the desired cuts.

1. Circle Cuts

To construct accurate holes for floor drains and shower valves on your bathroom’s wall, you may need to make circular-shaped cuts.

To make perfect circle cuts on tiles, follow these steps:

  1. First, tilt the grinder’s powerful blade roughly 30 degrees along the circle marking lines to make the first cut on the tile’s top flat surface with a depth of 1/16 inch.
  2. After that, make a second angle cut about 1/6 inch deeper to separate the two parts.
  3. Finally, smooth off the cutting line using the flat edge of the angle grinder blade for a flawless curvature.

2. V-Shaped Notches

To cut a V-shaped notch in a tile, you’ll need to set the depth of the cut to its minimum and use a quick, jerky motion. Be careful not to apply too much steady pressure, or you may break the tile.

3.  Semicircular Cuts

Using the same procedure as for circle cuts, you may produce semicircular cuts on tiles.

  1. To begin, score the tile’s profile.
  2. Then, with as little waste as possible, make small rough cuts starting from the semicircular’s two edges. Then, following the scored line, make numerous deeper incisions.
  3. Finally, polish the edge of tile with the round edge of your diamond blade.

4.  Dish-shaped Cutout

You don’t need to construct perfectly round holes in travertine tiles because an escutcheon or a fixtured base disguises almost all plumping pile holes.

Two plunge cuts are required to create a dish-shaped tile cutting for small holes:

  1. Mark a secondary smaller circle in the middle of the plunge larger hole on the back of the tile and make the initial plunge cut on the smaller circle.
  2. Repeat the operation with a second plunge cut on the larger circle until the circular hole is complete.

5. Rectangular Cutouts

Cutouts for electrical outlets can be simply made in either rectangular or square shapes. Remember not to cut past the shape’s corners, as the cutting lines will show.

  1. To begin, mark the cutting lines on both sides of the tile with an erasable marker. Cut straight to form the first score line about 1/16 inch deep on the front side of the tile.
  2. To perform a plunge cut, flip the tile over and stop where the cut marker lines meet the indicated square on the front side. Plunge cut the remaining three sides as well.


What type of tile can I cut with an angle grinder?

You can use an angle grinder to cut most types of tiles, including porcelain, granite, marble tiles, and concrete. However, you should avoid cutting soft tiles like travertine, as they may break.

Can I make curved cuts with an angle grinder?

Yes, you can make both curved and straight cuts with a tile cutter angle grinder. However, curved cuts are more difficult to perform and may require some practice.

What safety precautions should I take when using an angle grinder to cut tiles?

When using an angle grinder to cut entire tiles, always wear safety goggles and a dust mask to protect your eyes and lungs from debris. Additionally, be sure to keep your hands and fingers away from the blade at all times.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully, this article has taught you how to safely and efficiently cut tiles with angle grinder. Be sure to practice with some scrap tiles before attempting to cut any valuable ones. Have fun and happy tiling!

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