how to use an angle grinder

How To Use An Angle Grinder Safely? Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to using an angle grinder, you may be wondering where to start. This guide will walk you through the basics of how to use an angle grinder, including how to adjust the guard, change the grinding wheel, and make basic cuts. Read on for tips on how to use your angle grinder safely and effectively.

 What is an Angle Grinder?

how to use an angle grinder

An Angle Grinder or side grinder is a handheld power tool used for grinding and polishing. It’s called an angle grinder because the tool’s body is held at an adjustable angle to help keep the cutting surface on the material being worked on. Correct Angle Grinders come in both cordless and corded varieties, but corded angle grinders offer more power and longer run time.

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How to Use an Angle Grinder?

Follow these steps for how to use an angle grinder safely and effectively.

Step:1 Adjusting the Guard and Handle

angle grinder handle

The guard and handle of your angle grinder should be adjusted to fit your height and comfort level. For most cuts, you’ll set the guard, so it’s flush with the surface of the material, but if you’re making a cut that’s against a wall or if you’re cutting into a corner, it will be slightly raised. The handle should be set at the angle you find most comfortable for your firm grip and make sure the trigger of the angle grinder is easily accessible with your thumb.

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Step:2 Changing the Disc Guard and Changing the Cutting Wheel

angle grinder disc

Before using your angle grinder, inspect its attachments to ensure they’re in good condition. This includes checking for cracks or chips in the grinding disc guard and ensuring the cutting abrasive wheel is securely attached. It’s essential to replace a damaged or worn-out blade guard because it could fly off unexpectedly while you’re working. Don’t wear gloves or loose clothing while using an angle grinder and choose the right cutting disc.

Step:3 Making Basic Cuts

angle grinder cuts

When cutting material with an angle grinder, be sure to start at one end of the cut and work slowly so you can control where you’re making your line. Make several shallow cuts instead of trying for one deep cut to reduce heat buildup, which can create discoloration or change the grain of the material you’re working on. To make a straight cut, keep your hands close to the guard and move slowly away from yourself while maintaining contact with the workpiece.

Step:4 Depth Guide & How to Cut A Curved Line

angle grinder curved

When making a cut, you can use the depth guide to control how deep your sharpening blade goes. The angle grinder will spin until it reaches the depth marker and then shut off. You can also use this safety feature to do plunge cuts or other controlled cuts that need to be at an exact depth. To practice using the depth gauge, try cutting a straight line first, then try cutting a curved line. Then, practice some more on scrap material before using your angle grinder on the project you’re working on.

Uses of an Angle Grinder

Following are the top uses of an Angle Grinder:

Cutting & Sanding:

angle grinder cutting

Cutting metal or concrete and sanding down sharp edges and materials are two of the most common tasks for angle grinders, but they’re also helpful for cutting rebar and removing angle iron fencing or rusted bolts.

Heavy-Duty Grinding:

heavy duty grinding

These powerful power tools are often used in farming, construction, and manufacturing. For example, they can be used to clean or remove rust from metal surfaces for grinding tasks like removing weld seams, removing bolts with rusted heads, and getting rid of old tile.

Material Removal:

angle grinder material removal

Rather than tearing up a surface with a chisel, an angle grinder can be used to carefully remove just the excess material you need without damaging the surrounding area. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to rescue an item with sentimental or monetary value, like parts of an antique table or tiles in your kitchen.


Although an angle grinder’s primary function is to cut or grind, it also works well for polishing metal surfaces. Angle grinders are especially helpful for polishing stair handrails and other fixtures with odd angles.

How To Use An Angle Grinder: Safety Guidelines

Before using your angle grinder, follow these safety guidelines:

  1. Know that angle grinders are powerful tools that can cause injury if used improperly and ensure that all flammable material must be kept aside.
  2. Keep your hands and fingers away from the area in which you’re cutting.
  3. Wear protective equipment that comes in a wide variety like safety glasses or safety goggles, ear protection, eye protection, dust mask, and work gloves when using an angle grinder.
  4. Follow all manufacturer instructions for the safe operation of the specific angle grinder you’re using.


What is the best angle grinder?

The best angle grinder is one that’s powerful enough for your needs and easy to use.

What are the best angle grinder attachments?

The best angle grinder attachments are ones designed for your specific needs, which might include cutting, grinding, or polishing.

What is the best angle grinder brand?

There are many different quality brands of this versatile tool; you’ll need to choose one that has the features and power you need.

What is the common size of the angle grinder? 

The most common size of an angle grinder is  4.5 inches, while the size of a larger grinder is between 8 to 9 inches.


An angle grinder is one powerful tool used for different purposes. This article discussed all the important tips on how to use an angle grinder efficiently and safely. Make sure you follow all the safety precautions. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and easy to understand angle grinder.

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